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How We Started

The Green Fingers Wildlife Initiative started as a means to bring people
closer to nature, conserve wildlife species and to equip the future
generation with the skills for wildlife conservation and sustenance.

Our Initiatives

Green Fingers Wildlife Conservation Initiative has developed daughter initiatives
for easy accomplishment of set goals.

Green Fingers Kids Club

Green Fingers kids club was inaugurated as a school club by the Educational Unit of the Nigerian Conservation Foundation.

Wildlife Conservation Initiative

Green Fingers manages a wildlife zoological & botanical gardens for educational purposes.

Environmental Conservation Initiative

We participate voluntarily in environmental clean-ups. In partnership with reputable organisations

Featured Initiative

Green Fingers Day

An event for both students and adults to experience the thrilling combination of Nature and Science.

Know More

Green Fingers Video

A brief snippet of the Green Fingers Zoological and Botanical Gardens

Our Beautiful Eco-Art & Fashion

Conserving our environment.

Updates & Events

Jul - 2019

Summer School on Climate Change Awareness

Jul 5, 2019 to Aug 8, 2019
Thera Annex, Lagos
A summer school programme where participants get to learn about climate change, impact and mitigation. Appropriate actions will also feature.
Jul - 2019

Summer School on Sustainable Agriculture & Organic Farming

Jul 12, 2019 to Aug 15, 2019
Thera Annex, Lagos
Best practices on sustainable agriculture and organic farming will be the focal point during the period listed. We look forward to learning and how to implement the knowledge that will be discussed.

What We Did

We discovered that the current trend of neglect on issues concerning
wildlife due to negligence and the impact of changing lifestyles in the
jet age can pose a damning future for mankind; thus we proceeded to
ensure that we make an impact on our world.
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Be A Sponsor
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Adopt An Animal
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Make Donation
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Become A Volunteer
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Bringing you closer to nature
conserving wildlife species
equipping the future generations.

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